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Who We Are

BSQPTech was launched when a couple of mobile app whiz kids met and vowed to do something that would make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. BSQPTech was never meant to be just another software development company that would develop software solutions according to the requirements of the clients and earn profits.

The core team members are eager to learn the contemporary technologies every day and create something strikingly new every day.



Android Development

With our technical superiority, and very thorough workflow makes your android app reach a new market of impressed customers faster, better and bigger than anyone else.

iOS Development

We raise standards for ourselves and our customers, and this is reflected in the sophistication of our iOS app designs, and the holistic strategy we have from their inception to implementation.

Web Development

Our extremely user-friendly interface belies a sophisticated digital strategy, and prototypes built exclusively around our customers’ business vision. Experience a higher web existence with BSQPTech.

Game Development

We have the most talented and skilled game engine experts under the roof. These professionals have the tendency to use the most contemporary technologies, frameworks and engines to craft exciting electrifying and thrilling mobile games.

Project Management

Our dedicated project managers ensure that all your expectations and requirements are met, supervise your team’s performance, and make sure that your product is delivered on schedule.

Quality Assurance

Our quality control team verifies that developed functionality meets business objectives and ensures that code is relatively bug-free by applying manual and automated testing.

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The Chimp Jump

The chip jump game is mobile game which involves an player to jump between platforms, over the obstacles…the user controls the jump and let the player jump over paltforms .in between diffferent obstacles will generated…the player will also collected banana coins and dimonds to gain their health consistatnely Client:  ...

iCoupon Ads

iCoupon provides an independent digital platform for small and medium scale businesses to promote their services and products and upload their advertisement banners on the application by subscribing to iCoupon Ads Magazine. On the other hand, the users can view the deals and contact the businesses. The users will...

Dr. Book

Dr. Book enable the users to find the right Doctors, Labs, Pharmacies and Hospitals/Clinics. The application will allow users to find different doctors working at different departments of different hospitals and book appointments with them if required. The users can browse qualified doctors based on their area of specialization,...

Motorcycle Communication

Biker Gangs can now coordinate their trips more efficiently and get updates and alerts about relevant stuff. Bikers can stay connected with each other during rides by creating group and adding other bikers through this exhilarating app. Client:  Danyel ChavezSkills:  Design / DevelopmentTools:  Swift Category : Communication


The core concept of the app revolves around the idea of providing the users the convenience to book rides to and from different locations. The application shall allow every user to Sign-Up and book a ride From and To their desired location whenever they need to travel. The user...


We are on panel of application developers for Samsung. We recently build their In-house compliance called the Samsung guide app. Client:  SamsungSkills:  Design / DevelopmentTools:  Swift Category : Compliance / Support



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